Monday, September 1, 2014

Sophie Goes Paleo: Day 2/30

Day 2 - 1 September 2014

I ate //
Breakfast - nothing (which is really bad but I was in a real hurry this morning)
Lunch - capsicum and tomato salad
Dinner - steak, mushrooms, capsicum and broccoli
Snacks - berries, capsicum and egg, sultanas and assorted nuts

I ate (but probably shouldn't have) //
Cream (in the mushroom sauce... but it was a really little bit, and dairy is not technically 100% ruled out in the Paleo diet)
One spoonful of chocolate pudding (okay, I was really hungry this morning and couldn't resist!)
Chocolate Egg Roll (we had visitors from Taiwan so I had to try one - even if I didn't need it - and I'm not sure of the exact ingredients but maybe it might pass as Paleo)

I'm craving //
Some delicious food I've seen Facebook, including Lia Farm Life's rocky road and this yummy jam roll. I've said that when I am no longer on such a strict Paleo diet the rocky road will be one of the first things I make!

I'm feeling //
Hungry... pretty hungry! Today, since I didn't have a proper breakfast or lunch I was eating a lot of little snacks, which didn't really fill me up and just left me really hungry... so I'm going to try and have fewer bigger meals in the future :)
Inspired... I am loving the Paleo Grubs site, which has some great recipes that have got me really inspired. Paleo doesn't have to be eating plain vegetables all the time - there are some awesome recipes! The chocolate brownie and strawberry fruit strap look great!
I think this week should go okay :)

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  1. Hey!

    Sehr toller Post und dein Blog gefällt mir richtig gut-werde auf alle fälle öfters bei dir vorbei schauen!
    Würde mich freuen, wenn du mal bei mir vorbei siehst:)

    Liebe Grüße,




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