Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quick Craft // Decorate a Notebook


The school holidays are coming soon in Australia. I think in the east they have already started, and over here in the west we just have one more week left of Term 3. Yay! Two weeks can easily becoming boring though so this idea would be a perfect way to personalise your school books, and save you from boredom!

It's a quick, cheap and easy idea to update any notebook... perfect as a school holiday craft! Or for any time when you're sick of those ugly notebooks!

You will need: thick blank paper (thick is good since it is both stronger and thicker so doesn't show the cover through... but your normal copy paper will work too), textas/markers/pens... whatever you like!, a (preferably ugly, plain) notebook, washi tape in corresponding colours/patterns, double sided tape and contact paper (optional but recommended).

1. Start by drawing patterns on your two pieces of blank paper. You will need one for the back and another for the front. I found inspiration in a drawing book, but you can draw inspiration from anywhere (the internet, Pinterest and even my designs here!)

2. Continue until you have two pages filled with doodles and designs!


3. Trim your paper to fit your notebook (if necessary) and use double sided tape to attach the design to the notebook.

4. Run a strip of washi tape down the spine of the notebook to bridge the gap between the two paper designs and create a cool effect!

5. Optionally, cover with contact paper and then you're done! I would really recommend the contact paper though so that then your designs can be protected for a long time!

I really want to try different colours too... it would be great fun! But I'm so happy with the updated end product... so much prettier!

Are you a lover of pretty stationery and school supplies like me?


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