Sunday, February 23, 2014

OOTD // New Glasses

Scarf // Target, Singlet top // Target, Pants // Target,  Jewellery // Lovisa, Watch // Ripcurl, Shoes // Grendha for Novo, Frames // Raybans for OPSM

This past Wednesday I got some new glasses.

Not only do they have the added bonus of being so clear and beautiful to see through, I simple love the frames! I had my last frames for two whole years and whilst they suited me when I first chose them back at the start of 2012, I will admit I was a bit sick of them... This time I chose big black frames! I haven't had black frames since my first pair of glasses in 2007, but even they were thin. I think for a long while I've been trying to make my glasses as unnoticeable as possible. This time however, I'm totally owning them and LOVE them!

Also, when I went to get my glasses, I got some contact lenses to try. It took quite a while for the optometrist to get them in when I was at the shop and I have not yet been successful at home. My eyes must just be so sensitive! Really, who would want to wear contacts but when you can wear beautiful glasses like these?!

Hope you've been having a great week x


  1. I love your new glasses and you have beautiful hair!

  2. Sehr schöne bilder :)

    Über einen besuch auf meiner seite würde ich mich freuen^^

  3. Your blog is so lovely and you're so beautiful, new follower <3 x

  4. You look absolutely radiant, Sophie! Your look is well rounded. I love your new glasses. They look so chic on you. I totally agree with you regarding the lenses. Stay beautiful! :)

    Vlad Gutt @ Optical Warehouse

  5. Wow! You look beautiful in those glasses, Sophie! The frames are adorably chic and suit the shape of your face well. It also matches perfectly with your outfit. Thanks for the update! Stay gorgeous! :)

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

  6. You look adorable on those glasses, Sophie! They compliment your outfit well, from the design, the color, to the overall frame shape. It screams nerdy, chic and fabulous, all at the same time. I'm guessing you've been turning lots of heads lately with that overall look. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for sharing that! Stay gorgeous! :)

    Beulah Jackson @ 96th Street Eye Care


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