Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wattle Cottage // Dining Room Inspiration

Floorplan of Wattle Cottage (not to scale)

It has been WAY too long since I've shared an inspiration post for a room in Wattle Cottage, or really just WAY too long since any posts or ANYTHING has happened over at Wattle Cottage! I really want to change that though, and don't the above examples just inspire you? Well they inspire me!

This is what the dining room looks like now (please excuse the bad photo!) The walls have been painted white and we had the flooring laid in May last year. So pretty much it's a nice big blank canvas ready for us to work some magic with! And I'm super excited :)

The view above is looking from the kitchen (can you see the random tap sticking out of the wall?) To the left is a big sliding door that right now leads to nothing (the house is on stilts so it's just a big drop), but we hope to eventually add a deck (the views are soooo good) and to the right is the living room and entry. Past the table is the hallway leading to the rest of the rooms.

From the inspiration I have gathered from my Pinterest boards, you can see that I was it to be nice and bright and airy. There will definitely be the inclusion of pops of colour (I'm thinking pink, purple, orange, yellow and blue) and we want a nice big statement for the back wall. I was thinking a giant world map since we have lots of backpackers stay over in Wattle Cottage (how cool would little tags be to show where everyone is from?) but the possibilities are endless. I'm definitely thinking big and bold though!

I'd like a big rug as well as perhaps some armchairs and a little side table (since we don't need a really big dining table). The above examples show heaps of gorgeous pendant lights, but since the ceilings are so low we might need to think of something else.

I'm so excited about the possibilities for the dining room! I hope to share inspiration for the rest of the rooms (like the living room, second bedroom, bathroom and laundry) soon and then update posts for all rooms (since I did share the original inspiration posts for some rooms nearly two years ago)!!

Have a great week x


  1. Looks AMAZING ! you found great inspirational photos.Do you recommend any good websites with such photos (except tumblr, i think I scan every single picture on it to find bedroom inspirations). The thing is: I'm redecorating my room soon... Any tips? :)

    my blog ♥

    1. Thanks so much! Cant wait to actually do it! Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. There is an endless amount of inspiration on there and pretty much my favourite online space! A Beautiful Mess ( is also a really sweet blog with decorating tips along with heaps of other stuff (including photography tips!) Can't wait to see how your room progresses, all the best! S x

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