Monday, January 20, 2014

Quick Craft // Colour Block Wooden Mobile

These days, mostly when I'm feeling creative and looking for inspiration, I head to Pinterest. There's millions of ideas on Pinterest and you can't really log off Pinterest without feeling inspired. But then sometimes I feel like the ideas were never actually mine in the first place. Sure, it's fine to adjust and modify projects others have already done, but you feel so much better when the idea was yours originally.

So, a few weeks ago, when I was feeling creative, I headed outside for inspiration. I got a spark of an idea and it grew from there until I had a colour block wooden mobile. 

1 // Collect your materials - five wooden sticks of varying lengths, one longer stick for the base, a roll of twine, five different coloured craft paints (I chose white, blue, pink, green and yellow), a paintbrush, a hot glue gun and scissors.

Please note that this is a QUICK craft, so I didn't sand, prime or seal the sticks, but you can do so if you wish! I did go for smooth sticks though and scraped off all the bark before beginning.

2 // Use the paintbrush to paint the bottom part of your stick. I probably painted 2/5 of each stick, but it depends on the size etc.

3 // Allow the sticks to dry (which you will need to do standing up, I just poked them in some soil), before doing another coat so that you get a nice thick, even coverage.

4 // Glue the end of the twine onto the opposite end of a stick (a couple of cm down) and wrap the twine around the stick, adding small dobs of hot glue every now and then so it is nice and secure. Repeat for all the sticks. When you reach the end of the stick, I just added some more glue in a way so that the twine was facing up.

5 // Attach all the sticks to the longer base stick. You can choose whichever pattern you like but I went for a triangle sort of shape with the biggest stick in the centre, and smaller ones on the edge. I simply tied the twine around the stick with a double knot and a dob of hot glue for security and so that the sticks wouldn't move.

6 // Use the same method as above (tie and glue) to attach a piece of twine that will be used to hang the mobile.

7 // Display and admire! And isn't it gorgeous! I'm in love... I just love how the natural textures of the wood and twine are combined with blocks of bright colour, the perfect combination :)

This is a super easy craft that I can definitely recommend, have fun!

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