Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quick Craft // Glitter Jars

I absolutely adore setting the Christmas table (or any table settings) and these gold glitter jars made their way onto our table for Christmas lunch this year. The gorgeous gold glitter also means they would work for New Year's too... or really just for anytime, anywhere for a glitter lover (like me!) I will warn you that you will probably create a big mess when making these jars... but at least it's a glitter mess!

Jar 1 // Glitter Stripes

You will need // double sided tape, glitter, scissors, jar, sealant (optional)
What to do // Wrap the jar in double sided tape stripe s(measure if you like, but eyeballing it is easy enough!) By sticking two (or more) widths of tape next to each other, you can add extra visual interest by having different size stripes. Peel off the double sided tape cover and sprinkle (or dip) the glitter over the sticky stripes. Optionally, seal the jar so that the glitter stays for a long time :)

Jar 2 // Glitter Dipped

You will need // white paint, paintbrush, glitter, jar, sealant (optional)
What to do // Use the paintbrush to coat the bottom section of the jar with white paint. You can measure but I just eyeballed the straight line and applied a thick coat of paint. If you want a nice even, thick coverage, apply a second coat. Whilst the paint is still dry, sprinkle glitter all over the painted section! Wait for the paint to dry and then seal if preferred!

I love the way the jars look with a white tablecloth and rustic wood length, but there's so many things you could use the jars for. Wouldn't they be a pretty way to store some paintbrushes or pencils?

How did you set the Christmas table? Or did you go for a casual BBQ?


  1. What a super cute idea! I love it! I'm really loving gold this year! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Allysa! I agree they're super cute! Yes, gold and glitter are definitely two of my favourite things!


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