Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sophie Goes Paleo: Day 1/30

Last night, after eating dinner and not feeling so great, I made a decision. I decided to go Paleo for at least a month.

In case you're not aware, basically the Paleo diet consists of eating only what our Paleolithic ancestors would have eaten, being lots of fresh meat and vegetables with some fruit and nuts. That also means no grains, sugar or dairy (although that can be disputed!)

It's seems hard - I'll admit that, but I am committed to the idea since the benefits are enormous: weight loss, clearer skin and more energy (if you stick only to Paleo-approved foods and regular exercise). And it has been said that the first month is the hardest so that is why I am willing to stick it out for one whole month.

I will try to update here every day for the next month just to keep myself accountable!

Day 1 - 31 August 2014

I ate //
Breakfast - one egg, one bacon rasher, a couple of cherry tomatoes and a few slices of avocado
Lunch - chicken and vege stir fry with freshly squeezed orange juice
Dinner - two chops, one serve of mixed veges
Snacks - Capsicum sticks, sultanas

I ate (but probably shouldn't have) //
Two marshmallows (oops!)
A half a milo (thought a bit of dairy would be okay... totally forgot about the actual milo!)
One finger taste of chocolate pudding mixture

I'm craving //
Chocolate pudding Bonnie made for desert! And red velvet cake that I was going to make yesterday!

I'm feeling //
Pretty normal... the day went okay (food was fine) but no miracle changes (it's only day 1!) I'm feeling a little unsupported when everyone else is eating different food, but know that I am making the right decision. I'll just have to convince the rest of the family to join me!

Do you eat Paleo?

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