Friday, October 18, 2013

Inspired By: Travel

In case you weren't aware (but I'm pretty sure it's obvious)... I love travel. I love seeing new places and hearing new sounds and smelling new smells and feeling new textures and tasting new foods. It's addictive. For quite some time now I've been dying to visit Finland. The northern lights, forested mountainsides and lakeside cottages all seem so appealing.

Anyway... the above photo is that generic "plane wing and sky" photo that you take on every trip (don't you?) Well I do... this was taken on the way to Canberra last year. On my way to and back from Taiwan I decided to choose an aisle seat... it's so much less awkward when it comes to getting up to walk down the aisle.

Okay, shopping time! Enjoy this weeks finds...

1) "Suitcases" fabric by Sydama on Spoonflower
Cute, cute, cute! Did I mention that this fabric is cute? Sometimes it's hard choosing the perfect print, and this one combines plenty of fun patterns... whilst adding a taste of travel!

2) "Exciting Adventure - A4 Print" by Lauren Mellick Illustration on Down That Little Lane
What a great print! It's a simple way to add a pop of colour to any space! And who doesn't love to remember past or dream of future exciting adventures?

3) "City magnets" a pack of eight by Mokoh Design on Hard to Find
The graphics on these Australian fridge magnets are awesome. I would be great fun to buy them and then bring them out one by one as you visit each city.

4) "Oh Darling Let's Be Adventurers" travel journal by Degno di Nota on Etsy
Blogs and social media are replacing the good old travel journal these days, but I think it's an important item for every trip. This one is ever so simple but making me really wish I could travel. right now. and if I could, this beautiful notebook would be coming with me!

5) "Loqi - Luggage Covers" by Shop Until on Hard to Find
I wish I knew about luggage covers before! What a great way to dress up an not-so-stylish case. And I love the adorable choice of patterns shown here!

6) "Olive Cosmetic and Make-up Bag - Pink" by Attic Accessories on Hard to Find
This gorgeous make-up bag is simple and stylish, perfect for storing all your essentials when you're out and about... or even just at home!

7) "Girls Flamingo & Spots Suitcase Set" by Oliver's Twisty Tales on Down That Little Lane
Little travellers deserve luggage just as stylish... and these cute cases tick all the boxes. Even if you don't get away so much, they would look adorable stacked and displayed in a little girl's room. Out-of-season clothes or book storage, perhaps?

8) "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" travel quote print by Wall Envy Art on Etsy
Not only is this saying great, I love the way it's been put together. I've seen DIY tutorials for the same thing, but really... who has the time? I don't... so it's the perfect purchase for a travel enthusiast!

9) "Passport Stamps - Green" fabric by Koala Lady on Spoonflower
If you're not so lucky to get many stamps on your passport, passport stamp fabric could be nearly as cool. The possibilities for avid travellers and sewers (like me) are endless!

10) "Fly Away" iPhone case by Happee Monkee on Etsy
When I first got an iPhone I said that I would have millions of different covers for every different outfit. It didn't really work like that, but I would totally use this gorgeous vintage-inspired cover. I'm already dreaming about the outfit combinations!

Do you prefer to fly near the window or aisle?


  1. Thanks for the feature! Your blog is so lovely :D

    1. Thanks so much! It's my absolute pleasure to feature you and your gorgeous products. S x


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