Saturday, October 19, 2013

Gift Wrapping // Spring Fusion

You will need // floral wrapping paper, at least three different scrapbook papers in coordinating colours and patterns, wide lace, bakers twine (in coordinating colour), scissors, sticky tape.

How to do it // Start by wrapping your gift in the floral wrapping paper. Next cut a length of preferably plain scrapbook paper to wrap around the centre. If (like me) your scrapbook paper is too short, just tape together two lengths. It will be hidden by the lace anyway! Secure with tape so that it stays put. Wrap lace around the length of scrapbook paper and secure also. Wrap around the centre of the lace a length of bakers twine (any thin ribbon would work though) and tie in a bow,  attaching the gift tags. For the look above, I cut one simple rectangular tag from a different scrapbook paper and a few small designs/illustrations from another paper design.


Don't forget that you can totally change around things or swap them out if you don't have the same materials.

I spent this morning wrapping a few presents as late birthday presents for our cousins... which means I have more gift wrapping ideas too! I'm so happy with how this one turned out... pretty gifts always make me smile :)

Have a great weekend x


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