Saturday, October 12, 2013

Infographing It Up: 2012/13 In Review

I'd like to say a big thankyou to everyone who completed my blog survey this time round. The results were considerably different this year! I was amazed at the amount of people who knew me in real life, but didn't say how. It was quite annoying, actually, trying to think of who I knew who would fit the criteria. lol

I've spent most of the afternoon on Photoshop, putting all the information into cute infographics. There's stuff related to the questions asked and also some other fun blog trivia for the people like me, who can't get enough stats. 

If you didn't get to do the survey, you can still do it (link here) and I'll enjoy hearing all about you, even if your say didn't contribute to the facts below.

There was a question asking how old readers were and the most common ages were under 15 and between 45 and 55.


I know I have readers all over the world, but remarkably all respondents were from Australia!

44% of the people who replied wrote their own blog (thanks for the links guys!)


It seems that like me, your favourite things to read about are real life. Now I just have to get an interesting life to write about! Of course, I'll keep up with the Wattle Cottage updates (which I haven't done in a while), recipes and DIY projects.

There aren't many males who read my blog, but mind you, there was at least one more than I expected! He did say he would never come back though :(

This time last year hardly any people I knew in real life read my blog. Most of the respondents to the survey this time round though do know me! (There are some people who didn't say how they knew me though and it's killing me...)

Thanks to all those who said they would recommend my blog to others, or already have. Now I just wish I'd included a question asking how people came across my blog. (Feel free to comment below!)

There were a few questions asked, which I will answer in separate posts in the coming weeks... keep an eye out! I've been meaning to write a post about my time in France for quite some time and it is one of the most common questions asked so I'll try. really hard. to get onto that.

And now here is some more random, fun trivia including a round-up of the followers I have on various social networking sites and the shameful amount of draft posts I have on my blogger dashboard...

A big thanks again to all who did my survey (it's not too late though, I'd still love to hear from you!)

Do you love infographics too?


  1. Great infographics Sophie! Funny how no boys read your blog - maybe you should do some posts about motorbikes and computer games!! Lol!

  2. super interesting stats! really, really cool to know all that stuff about your blog. :)


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