Saturday, May 4, 2013

And Then There Was A {Beautiful} Floor!

After months and months of waiting, imagine how excited I was on Monday morning when we finally got a call from the flooring people to say that they would be here on Wednesday to lay our lovely lino in Wattle Cottage. Let's just say I was smiling the whole day :)

Fast forward to Wednesday morning... a slight misunderstanding about what time the flooring people would be here meant that I was still in my pyjamas vacuuming the house when they arrived. Never mind! I couldn't care less... I was just happy about getting my flooring down!

We decided to go with a light floorboard-look vinyl throughout the whole house (bathroom, toilet and laundry being the only exceptions). In an ideal world, I would have loved to have real floorboards but our budget definitely does not accommodate for that. We don't even have real floorboards in our main house, just floorboard-style vinyl and it's worked well for us for the 10 years we've been living there, so we were confident with having vinyl in Wattle Cottage!



I mentioned something earlier about having a white floorboard vinyl and that was because that is actually what we had our heart set on at first. We even chose out one that we liked and went to buy it before finding it was way out of our budget :( Back on the lookout, we found another gorgeous white floorboard flooring that was a bit cheaper but we decided to give that one up when we were told they were out of stock and to get new stuff in would take 3 months.


This stuff was the next best thing. And I am actually really happy with how it turned out. It has changed the whole house and now I am just jumping out of my skin with excitement about being able to decorate the whole place!

I will definitely be sharing more photos soon, but in the meantime I also just had to share this photo with you. I took it whilst we were gathered outside looking in through the window at the vinyl being laid and thought it looked pretty cool :)

It's was raining quite a lot on Wednesday night and Thursday so us farmers are very happy :) Besides, everything looks so much more charming when the grass is green!

Have a great weekend x

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