Thursday, May 2, 2013

Transformation of The Shed: Part 3 - Walls!

It's been so long since I've shared any updates on the Youth Shed in Darkan that you probably thought I'd finished decorating in there. Can you really believe the last update was back in September? No? Me neither!

Just in case you're new or have forgotten (I don't blame you!) the Youth Shed is located in the near the playground/skatepark in the heart of our small country town. It's a great place for young people to hang out and there's heaps of things in there to enjoy. Blackboards, couches, a pool table, ping pong table, footballs, board games... the list goes on! The only bad thing is that it is still a shed. A giant metal shed that is a sight for sore eyes.

That's where I come in. I'm not payed to make the place better or anything, it's just something that I love to do and think is really worthwhile.

The first step was making some cheap-o cushion covers for the couches.


Then I got to work on creating some quote art (and included free printables for you guys!)


And now it was about time to do something with the walls. See how ugly and bare they look?

Well, a couple of pegs and some fabric easily and cheaply made the walls look a slight bit better.

If you noticed,  I also moved the couches into a different formation so that instead of just being against the back wall, they are in the corner facing into each other to make it a little bit more of a "couch area"

This part of the project once again cost absolutely nothing! Yay :) We already had everything on hand and even re-used an old bed sheet as one of the pieces of material that is hanging up (the pink one to the right).

Looking at these photos, I have realised that the carpet really needs a vacuum! (add that to the list) Anyway... back to the wall coverings...

Or my outfit... Let me assure that I do actually wear different clothes and that yes, this stage and the quote art part did really happen 7 months apart. It was just a coincidence that I am wearing exactly (exactly... shoes and everything!) the same clothes both times.You probably wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't told you ;)

I'm so amazed at how easy and effective this turned out to be! When I first dreamed up the idea I thought it was going to take a lot more work than pegging up some fabric. The hardest part was probably me trying to keep my balance standing on the arm rest of the sofa :)

I've got a couple of Wattle Cottage posts coming soon (with really very super dramatically amazing exciting news!)

Have a great day everyone! xx

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