Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Want To Travel The World

I have a desire to travel the world. To see new places, feel new things, taste new food, smell new scents and hear new sounds. It’s like a fire burning inside me, which soon will very surely explode. I want to go back to the amazing places I’ve been and experience new places that I haven’t been yet.

I want to go back to the feeling of Canberra at nighttime. Standing at the top of the War Memorial looking down past lines of car lights and street lights and house lights across to one big light shining on the Australian flag that stands tall above Government House. To the bustling of Canberra Place at night past trees lit with fairy lights, dozens of taxis taking tourists and business people where they wish and the pressure to find somewhere to eat without a 40 minute wait. I want to go back there.

The view from the War Memorial in Canberra (at day time)
I want to go back to the outskirts of Tokyo. To the hot springs resort where once getting through a maze of rooms and people, you are overwhelmed by what awaits you. The hot, hot water in a variety of shapes, sizes, scents and colours. Some pools shaped like igloos, other with slides and waterfalls. To the soft rain falling on your back, lessening the intense heat of the water. Then there’s the café where you enter soaking wet in your bathers to indulge in an icecream or hot drink. To the other activities that await you in the main hall once the springs become tiring (which may be a while…). The fish that nibble at your feet in a big basin of water and the 100% Japanese photo booth where silly photos are plenty. I want to go back there.

With our Japanese host in Japan
 I want to go back to Yealering in the spring. To the empty caravan park of which we were the only occupants, besides the kind man who lived there permanently. To the lifeless town with streets that could be mistaken for having no one living there. The trust that was had when the only store was closed on a Sunday, and a big pile of newspapers was left out the entrance with a box for the payment to be left in. To the way the place came alive at night in the small pub, locals piling in for meals and drinks and the chance to watch the Eagles be beaten (very unfortunately)…  The large salt lake that could only just be seen through the layers of trees and the oval that was scattered with rabbit holes. I want to go back there.
On the salt lake at Yealering
I want to go back to our village in France. To the mornings when you could wake up and see snow falling, dusting everything in sight with a soft white coat. The steep back garden that could be used as a toboggan trail in the winter or in summer, a place to sit, read or draw whilst looking out past the small village and across the valley to see more villages, neatly nested in the sides of the mountains. I want to go back there.

Our house in France covered in snow!
I want to experience new places too.

I want to watch the sun go down whilst sitting on the beach in Portugal.
I want to sleep in glass igloos in Finland to watch the northern lights.
I want to find a bargain at noisy bazaar in India.
I want to ride a gondola along a narrow canal in Italy.
I want to stand next to the pyramids in Egypt.
I want to meet native tribes and explore the rainforest in South America.
I want to snuggle up by a fire with a hot chocolate in my hand in the freezing temperatures of Canada.
I want to walk on the busy streets of New York.
I want to look down at the views from the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
I want to roll a Jaffa down the steepest street in the world in New Zealand.
I want to visit the baby orang-utans in Borneo.

I want to travel the world.

But I know I’ll always want to come back to the best place in the world. Home.

So tell me... is there a place you're just dying to visit or have you already been somewhere and desperatley want to go back? Is home where your heart lies... or is there some other amazing destination I should know about?


  1. I'd love to go to a villa in Italy and not just stay for a few days live there for a while! But I would love to come home too!

    1. Oh Annaleis that sounds amazing! I wouldn't mind joining you ;)It would be great to immerse yourself in a whole new culture and way of life instead of just a quick holiday. Yeah, I agree... home is pretty cool too, especially our gorgeous part of the world!

  2. I want to share you travels. I want to hike through a forest in Finland with you!
    And I'll be your official photographer to capture amazing images of your journeys...

    1. And I would like that very much... now, where shall we go first?

  3. It would be amazing to travel all over the world, experiencing it all. I hope you get to do that some day :o)

    I also nominated your blog for the Liebseter Award. I posted about it here:
    It's a bit of fun and I hope you join in :o)


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