Sunday, March 10, 2013

Two Favourite Things = One Gorgoeus Piece of Art

Today let's talk about some of our favourite things. (I may or may not have just started singing... "brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things")

I always have trouble deciding on favourite things! Do I prefer pink or blue as my favourite colour? Are dogs really better than cats? I know I could eat satay chicken and rice for every meal, but Queen's pudding is super good too!

There are two things that are for sure though.

My favourite room in the house in the house is the sitting room and my favourite machine/appliance is the Silhouette Cameo!

So what's better than a craft project that involves both? Nothing! Okay maybe satay chicken and rice but I do like Queen's pudding just as much!

I love our sitting room because over the past month or so I have been working on some little updates and changes to make it more functional and nicely decorated. I can't wait to share pictures soon to show how some small, relatively cheap changes can make such a big difference! 

But until then, I'll share a super small peek and show you one of the craft projects I've whipped up.

We purchased the Silhouette Cameo about two weeks ago and it has since become one of our favourite appliances in the house! Whilst this is the first project I have used the machine for, my sister has fallen in love with it and has come up with some dazzling designs!

All you do is download the program on our computer, connect the Silhouette Cameo printer and using the program, select everything from sheet size to cutting depth and choose a design you like! It can be chosen from the extensive library that comes with the program, a font, a clip art or web image or even your own drawing. When printed, the design will come cut out so you can make the most perfect and intricate shapes.

All in all, it rocks. Forget all about cutting out a million letters and shapes with scissors and having to put up with them getting bent, squashed and having so much trouble trying to cut out the centres of letter O's and D's (we all have that trouble don't we?)

I chose a simple scallop design that came with the program and got printing...

It took a while to print but seriously... no wonder why! My hands could never. ever. ever. do that.

Next, I found an old frame from Ikea that we have had around for ages and had a very outdated photo in it. However cute and sentimental the photo was... it was old and we had seen it long enough so the photo went into the photo display album and I got to work inserting the pattern.

I used the white backing that was already in the frame and because when inserting paper into the Cameo you have to lay it on a sticky mat so that it stays put, the silhouette print out was already just that little bit sticky. Just enough to be able to attach to the paper but easily come off again if we ever want to change out what is in the frame.

And here is the finished product... I adore it! It's simple and lovely. And something I wouldn't have ever thought about doing before! I chose blue because it ties in with the big display photo above the couch across the other side of the room, but you'll have to wait to see that!

What are some of your favourite things? Do you have a favourite colour? Or are you hopeless at deciding like me?


  1. I have no idea how I have never heard of this machine before? It's brilliant and now I must have one :o)

    I love your scalloped art work too!

    1. Thanks Jen! I had heard about it around before but never knew how awesome it was until we finally got one!

  2. Great choice with the scalloped pattern!! I so badly want one too :)

    1. It look's good doesn't it? I'm super happy with how it turned out! I can definitely recommend the machine!

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  4. Ciao Bella,
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    I started following you, I hope you don't mind.
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