Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Transformation of the Shed: Part 2 - Art!

Remember this post, where I told you all about my plans to beautify the local YAC Shed and even shared the first step, which was making some awesome new cushion covers to brighten the place up a bit? If you don't, the YAC Shed is situated in the skatepark at Darkan and is a place where young people of all ages can hang out and have fun!

Today I'll share the second stage, which was making some art! Okay, it was actually the first step... but that's a secret! Shh...

If you follow me on Pinterest (or if you don't, follow me here), you might know that I recently added a new board, "Quotes That I Love". After only a few days I had already found so many inspirational quotes. But what is the use of just having them on a Pinterest board, doing nothing? There is no point. I really wanted these quotes somewhere where you could see them a lot, because they are all so motivating and inspirational.

So I thought... why not put them up at the YAC Shed? We were already planning to put up some string and pegs in a clothesline style to hang art, so it would be easy and awesome to add quotes too.

As I mentioned, I already had heaps of quotes that I pinned to my Pinterest board. But they were just words. Not art - which is what we wanted. Introduce Photoshop. I love you Photoshop. I turned eight "sets of words" into eight pieces of art in just over an hour or so. I wanted them all different and interesting, but with my limited Photoshop skills I went with plain, simple and to the point.

I saved the files as PDF's on a USB before heading down to the local Community Resource Centre to print them (because we only have an inkjet printer and the laser results would be much better for the purpose). It ended up costing $21, which isn't cheap but considering the benefits, I think it's worth it! Ideally, I would have loved to laminate the prints too but that would have totally busted our cheap-o budget.

Our last step was to hang the prints at the YAC Shed. We had already hung up the string (stuff we already had around, so no extra cost) with pegs (from the local shop, $2 for 36, good deal), so we just had to peg up the prints. 


And this is the final look... what do you think? We plan to add kid's drawings up there too so hopefully within no time at all it will be complete. Already though, it makes such a difference. As you may have noticed, there is a white border around every print. It's sort of annoying, but this was meant to be a cheap and easy project so I didn't worry about cutting them off. It wouldn't have made a huge difference anyway.

Don't worry, I haven't forgot about the printables I promised! You too can download the quote art and use it however you like (please only for personal purposes only though). And remember I don't own the quotes, just the artwork. Two conditions though - if you use the prints, you must comment below and tell me how you used them, just because I'm interested! And you must acknowledge me and my blog... thank-you! I hope they can brighten your lives in some way too :)

To download a print (or two, or eight!) just click on the image.


Until next time, enjoy yourself!

#UPDATE# Wow! Can you believe this post was featured over at Hubby Made Me's Throwback Thursday linky party?? I didn't see that coming! Check it out for yourself here.


  1. I love your prints - They look great! I really need to get a photoshop program asap. Following ya now via GFC - Have a wonderful week :)

  2. You're so sweet to share ALL of those printables!! They are so cute and you're doing an amazing job at transforming that shed. Keep it up, girl!

  3. Thanks so much Britni! I just want them to be able to brighten up other peoples lives too. Now I need to decide what I can do next at the shed... S xx

  4. Fantastic prints! Good things to remember! Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse


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