Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I'm one of those peeps who is addicted to Pinterest. I spend a lot of time there, but it's all for good reason, right? I am totally going to make all of the thing I pinned to my "Make It" board, am I not? Maybe... some day... or I could just admire them and dream about what I could do and just pin more good ideas. Yep, that's how I roll.

Anyway, so I think I have made the point that I'm kinda addicted? That's why I was super happy to find this link-up party: Oh, How Pinteresting! Is it a coincidence that I found it through Pinterest too?
This is the first time I'm linking up, but I'm excited to share a few of my favourite Pinterest finds from the past seven days. And I'll try to do it each week if I can be bothered. Click on the photos to find the source that I pinned the photo from.

The Vintage Apple

This homemade bubble blowing kit is just too cute. I have to (and will) make one!

I am in love with this bedroom. Not only is it good inspiration for Wattle Cottage, but also my own bedroom which I am trying to sort out and redecorate at the moment.
Pinned Image 

Another very cute bedroom for a little cottage. Maybe not Wattle Cottage... but I love it!

Pinned Image 

This sewing kit and the letter writing kit are probably my favourite finds this week. I am hoping to get some together for Christmas pressies. Yay for homemade gifts!
Pinned Image


Pinned Image

If I wasn't here at the moment, this is probably where I would like to be...

Even if you would rather be in Paris too, back to reality, are you playing along at the Oh, How Pinteresting! linky party at the Vintage Apple too? If not, you should!! And hopefully I'll share again next week... in the meantime, you can follow me on Pinterest here (this is one big Pinterest post after all). Stay safe x


  1. I am oh so guilty of "shoepidity"...tell myself everytime that I won't do it..and then I do anyways! Oh, the things we women do to be beautiful! ;)

    Stopping by and following from the linkup! xo

  2. Thanks for stopping by Haley! It's great to have you here - and I definitely agree, I love that quote! S xx


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