Monday, September 24, 2012

Transformation of the Shed: Part 1 - Cushions!

Welcome to the "Transformation of the Shed" series that I'll be running over the next few weeks, with really cheap and easy ways to transform an ugly space to somewhere fun!
You'll probably want to know, what is the shed? The YAC Shed is situated in the skatepark at Darkan and is a place where young people of all ages can hang out and have fun!

Well, actually this isn't really my idea of a good time...


Empty, plain and not much fun. We added couches, a pool table, cupboard with lots of fun and games (board games, sports equipment) a ping-pong table and some carpet, but still it was not what I would call "tastefully decorated". 

That's where I come in (along with the help of some great friends too). Our first step (actually, this was the second step but I haven't finished getting pictures of the first step -shh!) was to make some cushions. You see those couches. Don't they look pretty boring?

We are trying to do this mini transformation as cheap as chips so it wasn't convenient to go out any buy new cushions. Instead we used old pillows and cushions and made nice new covers for them!

So we gathered unused cushions and pillows in all different shapes sizes and materials.

Then we gathered fabric that we also, already had around. We only ended up using half of the fabrics here though.

 I can't really give you a tutorial on making the pillow covers because it was so easy. All I did was measured my fabric to fit my pillow and sew it together inside out to make sure there were flaps. I tried some fancy things on a few of the pillows (like a button at the back and a love heart sewn on the front), but to tell the truth, I don't love them any more than the plain ones. So save yourself some time, and you'll still be heaps happy with the plain ones.

Then we arranged them at the YAC Shed. They just add that needed pop of colour that makes you smile. I'm so happy with how they turned out, considering the circumstances. They are no masterpiece or work of art, but they're just what we need at the YAC Shed. They are fun, colourful, comfortable, stylish and tough.

Another job to add to our long list: remove those yucky boards from behind the couches. But for now, that's the end of Part 1.. more coming soon...

Stay tuned because I have lots to share this week! What did we get up to last weekend (where did we go on holiday)? What did we do this past weekend (what big improvement has been made over at Wattle Cottage)? Plus another part of the shed transformation (with free printables!) and I think it's time for another tutorial...

And sorry for being such a bad blogger this past week. Blogger has been driving me insane and making it so hard for me to publish posts, so sorry about the lack of posts and not having updated the Fashion Diary lately. Does Blogger drive you crazy too? Or what alternative blogging platform do you use?  My apologies if you've been confused about what this blog si supposed to look like too! I'm trying to find something I like but it's gradually getting better... expect more changes though...

In the meantime, I hope you are doing well and having a great week :)

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