Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekly Room: Third Bedroom

Here's a floor plan so that you can see how the house fits together

This week I'll be sharing all my inspiration for the third bedroom! This room has already had the carpet ripped up, the furniture removed, the walls have been painted and we have even bought some decor items! Apart from the entryway, it's probably the furthest along in terms of being finished sometime soon. And I can't wait until it is! This is the one room in the house that I have everything planned out for.

Here is what it looked like before it was painted - how do you like those purple walls?

Looking from the door across the room
Looking back towards the door

We painted the walls a light beige/cream colour and the trim white. On the wall with the window, at the moment it is still purple because we are looking for some sort of damask/nice patterned wall paper in white/beige.

I'm working with a colour scheme of pink, red and beige for the decor in the room. I plan to put 2 single beds in this room, each on the wall either side of the window with a beside table height dresser between them. There will be an armchair/ottoman at the other end of the room and maybe some more storage for clothes. On the back of the door I hope to put a mirror (same for all the bedrooms).

Here's the inspiration board I've compiled with pictures I've pinned to my Pinterest board for Wattle Cottage. You can check my Pinterest page out for more ideas or if you'd like to know the sources of the pictures.

As for stuff we've already bought, we got two of these lovelies, one for each bed, from Target for $20 each a few months ago.

We also bought 2 nice pink/beige floral doona and pillow covers sets from Harvey Norman a while back. And just recently I found the cutest little bird and love heart metal hooks in white and light pink that will go perfectly from a small shop in Busselton.

I can't wait till we find some wallpaper and can start putting this room together.

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