Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Story of Wattle Cottage

I’m always talking heaps about Wattle Cottage on this blog – after all the main point of starting the blog was to document the long, slow process of transforming just another transportable house into something beautiful and special! But, I’ve never told you the story about the house, where it is and why we own it!

The house is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom transportable that was originally on our second farm (30km from our actual house), when the farm was bought around 20 years ago. For many years, it was used occasionally to make lunch or have a rest whilst working at Wattle Creek (our other farm), but other than that… it was just being abandoned. 

The house in it's original place at Wattle Creek
It wasn’t until 2009 that we finally organised to transport the house to our home farm. In August 2009 (3 years ago now) the house was loaded onto 2 trucks and driven the 30kms to be placed 10 metres from our house. 


A month or so later all the electricity and water had been joined up and we started using the house as a place for backpackers to stay. It was only then that we started calling the transportable Wattle Cottage. Ever since the house was brought here, we have been longing to renovate it and make it something special for guests. But up until under a year ago, nothing serious had been considered besides adding steps from our house to Wattle Cottage and installing air conditioning. After a long wait, it is exciting to be finally transforming the place, but I won’t lie, also a bit sad, because as not nice of a place it was, it had heaps of memories. I hope this renovation will help capture the old memories and be a happy place to make lots of new memories.

Wattle Cottage now, 3 years om

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