Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Happy Hello

I've been very slack about posting progress of Wattle Cottage! There has definitely been some progress, but no-where as much as what we would've liked in over 6 months. 

The entryway was one of the first things we did and has been one of the most dramatic changes so far. And yet still there are things to finish to make it even better.

Here is the outside of Wattle Cottage (before):

And a closer view of the entryway:

We knew it definitely needed a paint job, but we weren't really sure of the colour. I liked the idea of something plain with a fun front door to make a statement... mum wanted the opposite, a plain front door with walls in a bright colour like orange... and that's what we got! A bright orange front entrance to say hello! And I love it! We were all so nervous about using such a bold colour and it was so risky, but now it looks so beautiful.

Obviously, first we cleaned the walls, which was quite a job, covered the floor with newspaper and taped around the edges.

Then Virginie and Guillaume started painting!

A few days after the paint had dried, we stained the wood in a richer, darker brown colour (sorry, no photos of the process) and before long, the entry was was looking so much happier and beautiful..

Here are some updated photos now:

Bonnie approves of the new look!
Gotta love a good before & after
 I love it a lot. It's really magical because when we are driving home all the away across the paddock at night and the light is on in the entryway, you can see an orange glow.

We plan to paint the  rest of the exterior in a grey colour that will hopefully compliment the orange beautifully.

And to finish off, here's a list of things we've done and stuff we still have to get around to doing.

Things We Have Done:
  • Painted the walls 
  • Stained the decking
  • Replaced the door mat
  • Replaced the solar lights down the steps
Things We Still Have To Do:
  • Decide on the look we want for the front door and paint it 
  • Decide on a colour for the door trim and paint it
  • Add a new light shade
  • Replace the knob on the control box
  • Get rid of/replace the fly wire door
  • Maybe add some sort of decor/ plants on either side of the steps

Do you like it as much as we do? Or do you think it's a bit too bold for you? Have you ever painted anything at a risk of it being a bit too much?

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