Thursday, December 12, 2013

Gift Wrapping // Glitter Glamour

This year, for the first time ever, I participated in the Fat Mum Slim gift exchange. It has been so much fun stalking and shopping for my secret giftee. Wrapping has also been just as enjoyable since I love nothing more than a cutely wrapped present. I sent little gifts for the recipient's daughters and love how well this glamourous glittered packaging came together! It took a bit more effort but was soooo worth it. I'm in love.

You will need // gold glitter, key (or another cute symbol) scrapbook paper, floral wrapping paper, cardboard cutout letter, brown bakers twine, sticky tape, scissors, hole punch, liquid glue, black fineliner, white cardstock, paintbrush, pencil and circle template (or circle hole punch).

What to do // Start by wrapping the floral wrapping paper. Cut (or punch) out a circle shaped gift tag. Cover the chipboard letters in glue before coating the front with glitter. Attach to the gift card. At the top of the gift card, punch a hole for the ribbon to be threaded through and at the bottom script a cute message or name. Use bakers twine to wrap around the present and attach the gift tag once dry along with a cute graphic cut out (like the key shown above). Send with love...


  1. How cute! I love the glittered letters. I've never made my own gift tags before, but I've got to try this... great idea!


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