Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Little Bit of Life // A Chinese Meal

We nearly always have a foreign backpacker or two sharing our home with us. We provide food, accommodation and a friendly family and experiences whilst they help out with farm and house work. It's a win win situation! Last weekend, one of our Taiwanese helpers Margie and friend Angela hosted a special Chinese meal since it was Margie's last weekend with us.

Preparation for the lunch began early in the day and there was delicious smells wafting through the house all morning, accompanied by the sound of Christmas music since it was December 1st and I got a bit excited for the festive season!

There was LOTS OF FOOD. We had sweet and sour pork (my favourite!), green vegetables, fried rice, a spicy chicken dish and the most interesting.. battered prawns topped with sprinkles and pineapple. The presentation was absolutely amazing and it all tasted really good as well (despite the weird combinations).

To finish off, there was tapioca in coconut milk. I didn't have much though since everything else was so filing!

Thanks so much to Angela and Margie for this delicious meal. What's your favourite Chinese dish?

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