Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kindess from Strangers (and a couple of lessons learnt)

Way back in Easter this year, we went to Bremer Bay for the 5 day weekend. It was the first time we had been for Easter and it was great! Our stay included the local Easter church service, the Easter markets and lots of time on the beach! (Take me back, please!)

One day, when we were heading out to the beach, I was unable to find my sandals. Thinking maybe I'd lost them somewhere under a pile of beach towels and bathers, I dismissed the thought and carried on. But when we left, I was pretty sure the sandals weren't in the car with us. I was a bit sad to leave them behind, but didn't think much more to it...

Until about a month later and late one night I was bored on Facebook. That's when I noticed my "others" messages folder had a message in it. I opened it up and found a message from a lady telling me she had found my sandals on the beach over the Easter weekend! I'd happened to write my name on the insides of these certain sandals (not something I normally do) and she had searched up my name on Facebook and then sent me a message! I really couldn't believe it. She had gone to so much effort for someone random's shoes on the beach. Unfortunately, by this time, the message was sent over a month ago and she no longer had the shoes, but it really was the thought that counted...

Lessons learnt: Be sure to check your Facebook "other" folder regularly and always name your items!

Have you got any stories about nice things people have done for you?

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