Friday, August 23, 2013

Inspired By: Dog

Anyone up for some more inspiration and online shopping again this weekend?

I for sure am! 

This weeks inspiration photo is of our pet dog Pompon. I don't think I've ever introduced him on the blog before! He is a maltese-shitzu/toy poodle and absolutely adorable when he's clean. We live on a farm so he's not clean very often but I still love him. He just got a wash and trim on a few weeks ago so now he is lovely to cuddle!

The photo was taken when the flooring was being laid in Wattle Cottage (read all about that here - and I promise there's another post about it coming soon). Pompon was just as keen to get in on the action as everyone else!

This weeks finds are great, whether you're a pet owner or not...

1) "Houndstoothe_Black_and_White" fabric by Holli Zollinger on Spoonflower
Such a classic style, yet so stylish! 

2) "Australian Kelpie Silhouette Tea Towel" by Paloma Le Sage Hand Printed on Down That Little Lane
Simple enough to fit in with almost anything, yet bold enough to make the most perfect statement! 

3) "Luyesa Bookends - Sausage Dog" by Outliving on Hard to Find
If you love reading, you probably love bookends to display those titles of yours... and aren't these just perfect? They would make such a fun, quirky piece of decor!

4) "Dogs Fridge Magnets" a set of six by Badge Bliss on MadeIt
Even though I don't really like magnets and papers all over the fridge... these are too cute to resist! Just look at those faces!

5) "Dharf K-leather leash of Glory" by DHARF on Down That Little Lane
This is hands-down the most stylish dog leash I have ever seen. I want it. It's one of those things that makes you think that if you have it your life will be complete.

6) "Cat & Dog Pet Bowls" by Design For Use on Hard to Find
We have separate water and food bowls and it's so annoying because they end up all over the place! These would be just ideal... and oh so stylish too!

7) "All You Need Is Love And A Dog Print 8x10" by Milk and Thistle on Etsy
This print isn't actually correct. What it should say is "all you need is love, a dog and this print". It's simple, black and white, meaning it will fit in with any decor!

8) "Kelly Green Cotton Dog Bow Tie" by Charlie Be Good on Etsy
Don't bow ties always look handsome? And on a dog... even cuter! 

9) "Dog Show" fabric by Troismeittes on Spoonflower
What a cute fabric! I could totally imagine a cute bag made from this... but the possibilities are endless..!

10) "Hampen" high-pile rug by IKEA
There's nothing better than snuggling up with your canine friend. Apart from maybe snuggling up with your canine friend on a soft high-pile rug, like this black beauty from IKEA.

I really think you should check out the rest of these shops too, because even if this particular stuff doesn't appeal, the shops have the most gorgeous products, I wish I could include (and own) every single one!

Have a great weekend!

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