Friday, July 19, 2013

Inspired By: Shells

Inspiration is all around us. 

Including the millions (okay, hundreds) of photos piled on my computer. 

Combining my love for moodboards and inspirational photos, I've searched the web for some fantastic products inspired by a photo I've taken. Some online shopping along with a little story about the photo, gives the best start to the weekend, right? 

I've already made a few more so look out for these Inspired By posts some Fridays (I'm trying to get some sort of order back into this blog, it's been so neglected lately).

This photo was taken on our annual holiday to Bremer Bay this year, when I was documenting our holiday house for a blog post (which you can find here). In the dining room of the house there is a cabinet filled with shells that have holiday-makers and beach-goers have collected over the years. These recent finds are propped on an ice-cream lid on top of the cabinet because there is no more room inside!

I love the mint green, coral, cream and brown colours of the shells... they are all so pretty!

This weeks finds:

1) "Fretwork in Mint" fabric by Domesticate on Spoonflower
The colour of this fabric is so gorgeous... the perfect mint green! And I love the pattern too. Imagine the possibilities! Would look cute in a nursery or in a beach shack, perhaps?

2) "Shell Charm Necklace" by On A Whim Designs
I think this necklace could have jumped out of the picture, they are so alike! I own a necklace just like this (but Paris style instead of shells) and think it is great! A perfect way to bring the beach to you!

3) "Shell Shoes" limited edition print by Erin Petson on Hard to Find
This beautiful print would be a great way to make a statement. The colours are fantastic and would provide a nice contrast against a white wall.

4) "Beach Throw/Lacey Days" by Sea and Me on Down That Little Lane
Make all your friends jealous with the best beach throw on the beach! Not only does this throw look adorable, in a cute coral colour and pattern with pompon fringe, it's also made from 100% natural materials. What are you waiting for?

5) "Coral Chevron Zig Zag Cushion" by Black Eyed Susie Too on MadeIt
Personally, I'm a bit over chevron. But this cushion is an exception! The colour is adorable and it's bound to make anything look a whole lot cuter! It would look great as a statement.

6) "Husky Beach" necklace by Chasqui Orozco Designs on Down That Little Lane
This simple necklace could quite possibly be the definition of perfect. Everything about it is adorable, including the fact that the beads are hand-molded. You know you want it...

7) "Alabaster Nevil" watch by TRIWA on Hard to Find
I don't normally wear a watch, but if I did, it would be one like this. It has enough features that it could nearly be as useful as an iPhone, looks devine and is unisex. What more could you want in a watch!

8) "Shell Stripes" fabric by C'est La Viv on Spoonflower
I love the way this fabric is like, as the name suggests, shell stripes, without being too theme-y. What a great way to incorporate a bit of beach whilst keeping it modern and sophisticated. I'm in!

9) "Pink Vintage Style Hairclips" fabric by Kapalau Jewels on MadeIt
Whether they be for yourself or someone else, these vintage-style beauties are too good to pass. The colour is super cute and I love the little charms on the end!

10) "Pom Pom Beach Tote" by Sea and Me on Down That Little Lane
Sea and Me have done it again. Put style back into a trip to the beach! This tote is a super stylish, all natural bag perfect for keeping together your summer essentials... and the best thing is... it's so stylish you can take it anywhere, not just the beach!

Have the best weekend everybody!


  1. Great picks - love the cushion :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Heather! The cushion is adorable!

  2. The shells are beautiful! Love the mood board, I may have to figure out how to make them and incorporate them into my blog.

    Greetings from the states where it is HOT! Wish I was on your side of the world for a moment. :)

    1. Thanks so much! The moodboards are a blast to make! Usually I'll use Photoshop but because I didn't have it on my laptop, I used Pixlr for this one. It's the first time I've used it but I can really recommend it! It's online and there's no sign-ups or anything! Quick and easy...

      I've just got back from Taiwan so am totally with you about being over the hot (and I was only there for two weeks!)

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! S x


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