Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ho Hey

I have only just recently discovered this amazing song, Ho Hey, by The Lumineers (maybe it helps that it's 5th on the iTunes charts), but I really like it! So much that I had to share it with you...

Isn't it just the best? I've loved it from the moment I first heard it...The music video is nice too!

What is your favourite song/s at the moment?


  1. Oh that's such a nice song! I don't have any lately I get in my car and turn on the sirius satellite radio and I just go............................ I love a lot of Dave Mathews though!!!

    1. It is nice, isn't it? I'd never heard of Dave Matthews but searched him on Youtube and listened to his song "Mercy". It is so sweet and the video is even sweeter!! Have a good day x


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