Friday, January 18, 2013

Decorative Tape {FPF Week 3}

The Friday Project Files is a fun feature where each Friday throughout 2013 I share a weekend project with a tutorial that you might like to try over the weekend! There is no guarantee that the projects were my idea originally, but I share my take on them! You can read more about the FPF and see other FPF projects here.

Okay, confession time. I love, love, love decorative tape! Isn't it just the cutest? Yes! And doesn't it just add the perfect touch to so many things? Yes! But that's just what I presumed... cause I've never actually owned some before :( Isn't that sad? Yes! Well that's changed now because I decided to make myself some decorative tape! It's actually a really simple process...and while it's not really like washi tape,it's a perfect DIY idea! I've put together a tutorial for you so that you can make some too... it's easy, quick as quick and saves you money (compared to buying some) too!

For this project you will need:
  • Scissors (that cut tape and fabric)
  • Double sided tape (we used 2 different widthes)
  • Materials! The possibilities are endless but these are some suggestions... fabrics (personally my favourite), tissue paper/serviettes (give a thinner, washi tape look), wrapping paper (great because it's shiny) and ribbons (perfect because there's no cutting needed!)
  • Bobbins (optional)

On the back of the material! Try to do it without crinkling the material so that the tape looks more professional. The double sided tape that we used (I'm not sure about other tapes) was really good and stuck to anything! Don't peel off the back of the tape!

This step is super simple and easy and there isn't much chance of going wonky because the tape is there to guide you.

This step is optional, but definitely the easiest way to store your tape!

And that's all! Wasn't it easy? I wrapped a few lengths around a glass jar that I use to hold pens and pencils etc. to add some extra funk. And I think it worked!

There are so many different uses for decorative tape though...

Gift wrapping! Decorative {washi} tape can add such an easy and simple, yet so adorably gorgeous touch to any brown paper package! This idea was found via A Beautiful Mess.

Gift wrap 5

Or how about using some trendy tape to dress up a frame? Doesn't this look great! There is a tutorial by The Cottage Market here.

This bunting is so cute and is made from washi tape! I found it here.


Decorative keyboard keys! Who would have thought?!? But it looks simply amazing... though I'm not quite sure whether I'm game enough to try it! You can see the idea over at Her New Leaf.

This clothespin magnet craft by Hubby Made Me seems very easy and the perfect way to use your decorative tape! Wouldn't cute magnets like this just look adorable on the fridge?
DIY Clothespin Magnets
If you do this project too and make yourself some decorative tape, I would love for you to share a photo on my Facebook page, on Instagram with the hashtag #fridayprojectfiles, or through a comment on this post and you can be included in the FPF Project Page where there will be a collection of all the projects over the year. I would love to see how your tape turns out and especially what you use it for! There are so many different ideas...

Be sure to come back next week (if not before!) for another fun and easy project!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow!! Impressive!!:0 I am going to show my teacher friend she is always looking for projects for her school kidos!!

    1. Thanks Marissa! I'm so glad you think your friend will find it helpful :) It's really easy to school kids would easily have a ball making some!

  2. So adorable! You are so luck that you enjoy crafts and that you are all creative. I would give anything to be more of a creative person but I'm just not. JEALOUS! Just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. Hope you don't mind if I follow along!

    new follower :)

    1. Thanks for finding me Bonnie! It's great to have you as a new reader and can't wait to have you follow along! I have already been over and checked out your blog :)


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