Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bremer Beach Holiday 2013 {Our House}

You are probably aware that right now I am holidaying at the beach on the south coast... and of course, I'm loving it! It is the perfect way to start what will be a great year... and includes lots of beach visits, lazing around and eating out!

Our house is a beach shack in all ways. It was built by my great grandfather and has been the the place where my mum went every summer for her family holiday and where I've been going every year for my family holiday. It's on a nice spacious bush block just on the outskirts of Bremer Bay with the beach within walking distance.

It is by no means a lavish 5 star resort... at all. I have not styled the photos or anything, just telling it like it is... so come inside!

I hope you enjoyed the tour... I'll be back with posts of the town and the beach!


  1. Can't wait to see your town and beach posts! And maybe even some underwater photos now that you found out how to turnoff the macro setting on the underwater camera!
    Love this post. It is great to see the house in all it's glory...

    1. I'm excited about going out and getting some photos too! Did you see the underwater ones I posted today? :)


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