Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Race That Stops A Nation

Yesterday was one of my favourite days of the year... Melbourne Cup Day! It's the perfect excuse to get dressed up and have some fun! Which is exactly what we did...

Noemie, mum and I went out for a day filled with fun, food and horse racing at Rarebits, a gorgeous little cafe in Darkan. They were holding a special luncheon event with everything, including a fashion on the field in the cafe competition.

There was lots of fancy food to snack on throughout the day but the most exciting part was... The Race. We were all huddled into a small room around a small TV to watch one big race that lasts under 3 minutes. There was a sweep (two actually because there were too many people for just one) held for all the guests. A free entry into the sweep on arrival and then an extra entry for $5. I just went with what I got. A total coincidence is that Noemie and I got the same horse, just in the different sweeps.

So the race. The Race That Stops A Nation. To tell the truth, I didn't find it too exciting this year. The first 4 horses throughout the race remained fairly stable. Even the finish didn't seem too exciting. There was one horse out in front and it was obvious that they would win it by a mile (okay not really, but it was no where as close as last year). Then I realised it was my horse that had one by a mile. Green Moon had won the Melbourne Cup! He was not a favourite and hadn't been it the top 4 places the whole race, so it was a surprise. Noemie and I did a little happy dance because we had both won $25. Wahoo! (The money ended up covering our ticket payment, but...)


The Fashion On The Field competition was good. Mum won the best hat (a cool creation whipped up the night before). The lady who won the best shoes literally has the best shoes (and she's giving me some of her old ones!) Noemie and I won the best couple (it could be a same sex couple because there were only 3 guys there out of like 30 people). We won a very cute notebook and some lolly bananas (my favourite!

Lets talk about what I wore. 

The fascinator was crafted by yours truly. I picked up a few cheap(y) supplies at Spotlight and threw them together to make something that works. The past 3 years I have worn a fascinator, it has been a DIY effort. It looked good (if you're asking me), and the cool thing is the striped flower is just clipped on so I can remove it and use it separately too.

The jewels were gifted to me by my grandparents when they returned from their trip around Australia. They are made in the north of WA from real iron ore. It was good to be able to actually wear them for the first time.

I love the dress. It fits me perfectly and the style is simply gorgeous. The best thing about it though is I scored it at an Op Shop for only $8. The lady said it used to be her daughters, but she had only worn it once and she was glad it was going to a good home cause it cost a lot new.

The shoes (sorry, no pic!) are black, sparkly and high. They were also a gift to me from one gorgeous lady and it was great to be able to wear them (even if I could hardly walk in them).

The all together outfit cost under $20 which I am totally happy about.

I had a great day, it was a lot of fun! What did you get up to?


  1. I love your fascinator Sophie, even better that it was a DIY. People would pay good money for one as stylish as that :)

  2. Aw, thanks Tamsyn! Not only was it cheaper than a shop bought one, it was also a lot of fun to make too! S x


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