Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekly Room: Kitchen

I have finally got together enough ideas to share another weekly room, which is where each Monday (apart from the last lots of Mondays, boo) I share inspiration and ideas I have for one room in Wattle Cottage. Previously, I've told you all about the master bedroom and the third bedroom, or what I like to call the pink and red bedroom.

Today though, I'll talk about the kitchen! The reason I'm sharing the kitchen is because something big is happening over at Wattle Cottage in the kitchen (more details later). Our ideas for the kitchen are very (seriously, very) minimal. That's probably because getting it done is a long way off due to budget constraints and also at the moment it's not really necessary.

Looking across from the dining room - see the hint of some demolition?
View from the hallway

So whilst I don't have much in mind, I've created a moodboard with ideas from Pinterest. That's right, if you want to know the sources of the photos, just check out my Pinterest page for Wattle Cottage. Whilst you're there you can see lots of other ideas I have in mind for other rooms.

As I said, I don't have much in mind and didn't really have ideas so I think the photos I have pinned have made up my mind for me. I haven't had an obsession for pendant lights, in fact I couldn't really care less about them, but lots of the photos I've pinned have pendant lights, so maybe we should include pendant lights in our kitchen. I also want the room to be bright and airy with French doors opening onto the deck (but that's more in the dining room). I'd like white or some soft colour for the cupboards with wooden benchtops and pops of colour here and there. Oh yes, and I love big farmhouse sinks!

We are only looking to install a mini-kitchen with appliances such as a microwave, kettle and toaster and no big objects like stoves and dishwashers because most of the time the guests who stay in the cottage will eat meals with us in the main house.

I'll be back soon with details on the big something happening over at Wattle Cottage (there's a few things actually, are you excited as I am??) In the meantime, which room would you like to see my ideas for next? I'll try to do another weekly room post soon!

Want more weekly room goodness? I've shared my ideas for the third bedroom and master bedroom here already.

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