Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hide and Seek Birthday Fun

Sometimes on birthdays and other special occasions, it is so hard to choose the perfect gift. If you're going to spend big, it had better be something the recipient will like, should it not? If you have that problem of normally just giving the special someone a sum of money because you can't think of what else they'd like, or would just like a fun new way of giving, read on...

Hide and Seek Birthday Fun! No, it does not involve hiding yourself in cupboards, but it does involve hiding some presents! You can give that special someone a day to remember... that will be lots of fun and maybe even last longer than one day! We tried this last year for Father's Day and it was lots of fun! Not only waking up at the crack of dawn to hide the presents without waking anyone, buy also keeping Dad in suspense of whether there will be another gift hiding somewhere and where it will be!

You will need lots of presents (whatever you interpret as lots, it could be 5, maybe ten or perhaps twenty). The more presents the more fun, but of course remember not to bust your budget! If you have less presents, they could be a bit more expensive, but if you have loads, keep them cheaper. Choose some useful presents (a new toothbrush, a tape measure), some presents they really want ( a particular DVD or perfume) and some "just for fun" presents like funny bumper stickers!

Next up, you'll need to choose where to hide each present. Put them in obvious and not-so-obvious places! Like you could put a some new PJ's in the special person's closet (an obvious place, because they'll look there at some point today) and a chocolate bar in the glovebox (a not so obvious place, because you don't know when they'll look there next). Of course, you decide on places that would suit your special person best! It's so much more fun to expand the treasure hunt over further distances (all over your property and maybe even at their work or school!) If you're hiding presents in not-so-obvious places though, make sure they're not exposed to the weather, or in a place where they would be likely to get damaged or stolen because you don't know how long they'll be there! It would be great fun to hide a present in a really sneaky spot so that the special person might not find it for months (maybe years!)

Some gift ideas, feel free to print and use for yourself when planning your hide and seek treasure hunt!

Be sure to add little notes to the gifts so that the special person (and everyone else) knows it's part of the gift. Plus, little notes can make the whole thing so more personal and you could give hints to where other gifts might be hiding.

Hide the gifts! As I said before, the best time to do this is at the crack of dawn on the special day or after the special person has gone to bed the night before! That way, there is no chance of the special person finding the gifts before they're supposed to. Be very quiet though!

Now the fun begins... of course, don't forget a gift and card to give to the special person in the morning. You don't want them to feel like you have forgotten them (of course you haven't, but they don't know that yet!) It will be so much fun for both you and the special person and an event talked about for ages!

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