Monday, September 3, 2012

Australian House and Garden Magazine

There are so many home decor and inspiration magazines available, but ever since discovering the Australian House and Garden magazine 2 years ago it has been my favourite.

I only fell upon by chance - I was at boarding school and was always so bored on the weekends and after school because at boarding school it's impractical to do the normal stuff I like - decorating, sewing, cooking craft projects. I needed something to get me through hours of boredom... and the House and Garden magazine was my answer.

So ever since May or June 2010 I have bought, read and collected every edition, filled with beautiful houses, decorating ideas, tips and shopping guides. Although nowadays I don't have as much time to spend reading it all, I am still just as much in love as I was back then... so it means it was only right that I wrote to House and Garden telling them about my crush on their magazine.

Little did I know, my letter would be featured in the latest October edition (out today in all good newsagents/general stores/anywhere that sells magazines). Not only that, I'll also be receiving $50 just for telling the truth! But that's nothing compared to the amount of pleasure and number of ideas the magzine has given to me over these past two years.

Do you love a magazine heaps too? Or maybe it's a blog that gives you lots of inspiration?

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