Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lookin' Beautiful!

I've had a love for mood boards lately, so I made some of my own fashion-themed boards to share! I started with one simple black dress and then added all sorts of accessories to make three completely different outfits. It's amazing what accessories can do!

This is a cute, functional outfit. It's so hard to choose my favourite accessory but I would be voting for either the headband or the cute cardi. What about you?

Once again, this is a cute outfit, but this time slightly more "dressy". I would have to choose the black boots as my favourite part, but the headband and jacket aren't far behind. What do you think?

And here the mood has completely changed, with an outfit perfect for a dinner party or a night out! My favourite part? I'm loving those shoes... and the bangles... and the earrings! How about you?

So there's some fashion inspiration for you! And if I'm not back before, I'll be back sometime in the next 2 weeks sharing some Babushka Birthday Party ideas for girls! The party is next weekend and we can't wait!

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