Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chandelier for the Toilet

Just a small project, but I just love the results! Yes, we hung a chandelier up in the toilet!
Here is the chandelier in it's original form:
And another shot:The chandelier has been sitting around at Mum's photography studio for ages (ever since she bought the studio in 2005... a long time!) Now finally we've had to have a clean-up and we decided this chandelier (which is plastic, not glass) would be a trendy addition to Wattle Cottage, but where? I love chandeliers and would personally love to have a chandelier in every single room, but the ceilings in Wattle Cottage are sooo low! Thankfully this chandelier doesn't hang very low but it could still be a bit of a nuisance so we opted for it's new home to be in the toilet!
... That was after we cleaned it!
First we wiped of the cobwebs etc. then we added the bleach... and the difference it made!

And here it is, hanging above the toilet! Amazing, plus I love the patterns it makes on the wall!
Please note we still have to paint the walls to get rid of that horrid green :( yuk

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