Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quick Craft // Hand Drawn Christmas Cards

I'll admit I feel a bit bad posting Christmas stuff before December 1st. In our family, we traditionally don't start celebrating and decorating until the start of December. This year however, school ends on the 29th November (only a few days left... where has the year gone?) so I wanted to get some cards to give to the amazing people I've met this year.

I knew exactly wanted in my mind and after having searched Etsy and the internet, my budget and personal preferences led me to the best option... crafting them!

You will need // a black fine liner, 250gm white paper, a brown and green texta, glitter paint, paintbrush, cutter and cutting board and scissors.

What to do //

1. Fold an A4 sheet in half lengthwise and then into thirds down the page. Measuring it will keep your cards nice and even!

2. On the half of the paper that will become the fronts of the cards, sketch some christmas trees with a black fine liner. Optionally, like I did, script a "Merry Christmas" or any other message at the bottom of each card. Don't worry about perfection, that's not the look we're going for!

3. If you want to make multiple copies, photocopy the sheet now onto more 250gm sheets.

4. Colour in the christmas trees on the photocopies. To make it quicker, I did all the green followed by all the brown. It's easier to colour the whole sheets in before cutting!

5. Score the cards down the centre of the page and then cut into the three separate cards. Fold to form a card.

6. Use the paintbrush and glitter paint to add some extra sparkles on the Christmas trees.

7. After the paint has dried, write inside the cards and send them off with lots of love!

I'm sure the recipients will love the cards, especially the fact that so much time and love has been put into them (just don't mention the photocopying... this is a quick craft after all ;)

So tell me, are you full-on Christmas mode yet or waiting until December? Personally, I'm dying to start listening to Christmas music!

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