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I Heart Op Shopping

Don't worry, you're still at the same blog! My blog has just had a bit of a change in the way it looks. I still don't love it so expect a few more changes though. I changed because, well I never LOVED the last design, the background was way too confusing, the header was boring and it didn't feel like my place, but the main thing that made me change was that I found another blog with the same design! The last design was free from Leelou, so of course there would be another blog the same, but I didn't find one until last week. My blog didn't really feel special to me anymore, so it was time for a change! Hope you like it and will bear with me while I try to get it right! 

So back to the post...

I love op shopping, or thrifting... whatever you'd like to call it!

In fact, I love all sorts of clothes/accessory/homeware shopping... but you know, my purse doesn't appreciate it quite so much. That's why I love op shops (aka opportunity shops). They are super cheap and you can find the best stuff. Many people love thrifting because of all the vintage things you can find. To tell the truth, whilst I love vintage, I prefer op shopping to find "normal" preloved clothes at reduced prices.  I'd say about a third of the clothes in my closet come from op shops, or at least second hand. And nearly all the rest come from Target :O.

It is quite disappointing that there isn't a good op shop in my town. It's only a really small town and the op shop only opens once a week and most of the clothes there are little kid stuff or stuff suitable for elderly people. So I don't get to op shop that much (it's probably a good thing though), but when we go to Bunbury I always try to get to the Salvo's store. That's the awesome thing about op shopping. The money you do pay goes to charity to help others, so it's like killing 3 birds with one stone. You get good clothes on the cheap, the people who used to own the clothes get to get rid of them without throwing them out and the less fortunate people are helped. I knew all along that shopping was good :) And then if you don't like what you buy, it's not so much of a loss and you can always play around and make it into something else. Ie. a scarf out of a jumper.

Some Lots of my favourite clothes come from op shops. For example... 

This navy shirt with ruffled sleeves is so cute and was an op shop find. Paired with jeans or some pants {like above} and some cute flats, it's an instant cute, yet simple outfit! I added a matching hairbow too to add to the cuteness factor. I love to mix op shop finds and other clothes to make adorable outfits. The neutral tone of the shirt too means a cute, colourful necklace or scarf will look awesome! I think the shirt cost $4 from Salvo's. 

I love this red blazer. Whilst I can't wear it so much in summer, it was the perfect addition to any outfit in winter. It was actually a gift from a friend, who bought it from an op shop (Salvo's) for $4/5. I wore it a lot in winter and loved how it looked in any outfit combination (jeans, dress, pants). Because it was red it tended to be the pop of colour to an outfit with neutral colours for the shirt and pants. And as you can see, a scarf or necklace perfected the outfit. 

This dress was also a gift from a friend from an op shop. I love the pattern and the style. I used to love to wear it with a belt {like above} but then I figured I could tie the cute black cardi {in the photo above} at around the same height as the belt and it looked even cuter. The dress was from Salvo's and cost around $3, I think...

This dress is one of my favourites and I love to wear it with a cute black cardi and black leggings. I don't have many things floral-y so I really like it and the shape is gorgeous too. Depending on the look I want, sometimes I throw on my favourite brown belt too. I haven't experimented much but a black/silver necklace could the cute as well as a black infinity scarf. It came from an op shop in Perth (but I don't know which one and I don't know the price either!)

This top is cute as. It has ruffles on the front and on the sleeves. Unfortunately, I don't have many things I can wear it with but I think it looks great in the outfit combination shown above. I can also imagine it with a black pencil skirt and high heels as a cute workplace outfit. It was also from an op shop in Perth but once again I don't know the price!

This black dress is my favourite dress ever. And it cost $7. I don't normally wear it with a belt but it's nice either way. It was from an Op Shop (Vinnies, maybe?) in Collie. We decided to try our chances and have a look whilst we had a few spare minutes. As soon as I walked in I regretted it. All the clothes were... you know... "old lady" style. I was completely and utterly bored. Then mum, who still had a look despite the yuckiness, found, under all the gross clothes, this dress. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. We didn't have time to try in on so just bought it hoping for the best. The lady at the counter was super nice and said that the dress used to be her daughters but it had only been worn once and cost a lot new. Then, when we got home and I tried it on and it fit perfectly, I was one happy chappy. And have been ever since. I love this dress and wear it lots and lots. And doesn't it look so nice with those cute pearl bracelets and flower sandals? My perfect outfit... and so cheap! Dress = $7, Bracelets = borrowed from sis, shoes = second hand from a kind lady who has a lot of amazing shoes (and the same size feet as me), belt (optional) = $20 Target.

Do you love op shopping? Any sort of shopping? What are your favourite shops or do you have a favourite find like my black dress?

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