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Christmas Guest Post: Christmas in Wales by Found Love, Now What?

Today I am very excited to bring to you Part 2 of 4 Christmas guest bloggers here at Sophie At Home. The amazing Belinda, from Found Love, Now What? is going to tell you all about her Christmas in Wales! But I'll leave that to her...

"Greetings Lovelies! I am thrilled to be guest posting here on Sophie’s blog for so many reasons! First, I LOVE Christmas.  I really do.  I love the twinkling lights, excuse to wear sweaters with snowmen on them and all the festive time with friends and family.   Secondly, I am excited to contribute to Sophie’s blog… as she has such a positive energy that is contagious (but in the good way, I promise.).

With that, I give you my Christmas guest post….

When I started thinking about what I would write for this guest post, I realized that it would be a bit of a challenge and detective work.  You see, I am a new expat from Seattle, Washington to Wales and I have never experienced a UK Christmas before.  So, in a season filled with tradition my new husband and I are creating them together and I am seeing this Christmas season for the very first time.

I thought it would be fun to compare an iconic Christmas element:  The Christmas Tree.

My parent’s Christmas tree, 2011, Tacoma, Washington.  This is our black Labrador George who loves Christmas too.
 This is our Christmas tree for 2012 in Wrexham, Wales.  For our first Christmas in the UK we decorated with Union Jacks and American flags.  Multinational festive, if you ask me. This is our dog Freddy.  For some reason, the season isn’t complete without  taking a picture of a dog in front of Christmas tree.  Alas.
The Christmas tree in the town center of Wrexham,Wales. There was a big event to turn on the Christmas lights throughout town that involved dancing and plenty of glow sticks, a first for me.

Along with decorating one massive Christmas tree, the town centers also get strung with Christmas lights lights, making everything bright, cheery and very festive.  (Just what you need on those cold winter nights).

Christmas lights throughout the historic town center of Chester, England.  So magical.
Although many things are similar between the UK and US, there are (of course) a few traditions that will be new to me. One that I am enjoying, is the idea of Christmas markets. In Chester, England, where I work, there has been a festive Christmas market open for a few weeks now.   Filled with handmade soaps and wooden toys, festive eats and drinks, jewellery and more, it is a fun way to shop locally while getting into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas Market in Chester, England.  Doesn’t it get you in the Christmas spirit?
Christmas Market in Chester, England.  This stand sells mixed fruit, olives and different cheeses.  Makes me want to throw a party.

Christmas Market in Chester, England.  I had to include a picture of a very British treat: Roasted Chestnuts!  I didn’t know that these actually existed still.  I thought they were reserved for Charles Dickens novels.
There are still plenty of traditions for me to try and experience, like Christmas crackers, mince pies, Boxing Day and more.  Be assured, I will be blogging all about them on my blog: www.foundlovenowwhat.com.

May each of you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year.  Or as we say in Wales, “Nadolig Llawen!”

Thank-you so much for sharing Belinda! Do those markets not make you want to go to Wales? Now, be sure to go and check out Belinda's great blog to read more about her adventures in Wales. 

And in case you missed yesterday's post, our 1st guest blogger in this series, Megan from Our Pinteresting Family shared a quick and easy tablesetting DIY.

Don't forget to come back on Thursday and Friday to see Part 3 and 4 from Sarah at Beyond the Gradebook and Bonnie from What A Bonnie Day!

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