Monday, October 1, 2012

A Photo A Day


It's very likely that you've heard of A Photo A Day run by Fat Mum Slim. After all, Pink (the singer) even played along once! I've always wanted to join the fun too (I first bookmarked it back in January), but haven't been able to commit... until now!

It's simple- each month there is a different set of prompts, one for each day and you are to take a photo of the prompt every day. Today is the first day of October, meaning a new set of prompts and time to start the party! You can find the October prompt list and everything else you need to know at Fat Mum Slim.

I'll be sharing my photos over at my Sophie At Home Facebook page, follow me to tag along! At the end of the month though, I'll do one big wrap-up over here for those people who don't have Facebook.

One of the best things about A Photo A Day is that you get to see what others are taking photos of and meet heaps of new people. So, are you playing along? And if you are, where are you sharing? I'd love to come and check out your photos too!

Have a great week!

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